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Re: Food for thought - SECURITY (design flaw?)

On Sun, 11 Feb 2001, Carlos Carvalho wrote:

> But it would if security patches were incorporated in testing as well.
> So I agree with Laz that it's a design bug.
> Note that we're talking about security-relevant packages, which are a
> small portion of the total.
> A question: with the change to the pool directories, is testing on the
> new scheme or only unstable?
IMHO people of security team shouldn't spend their time to serve
security fixes for testing.  People who want to use testing on
security relevant machines should know what they do and should be
able to handle those issues themselves.  Those hazardeurs could try
to fix important bugs of the package which is stick to unstable for
whatever reason which would help the whole distribution or backport
the stuff themself.  In my opinion testing was not implemented to
make developers more busy to handle more versions of their packages.

Kind regards

     Andreas, who wants to say thanks to the security team for their good
              job and is hoping that they would spend their time on really.
              important things.

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