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#237422 mozilla for woody, sarge-ignore? Re: 2.6.8 release 83 RC bugs closed/fixed in sid, but still present in Sarge I can't get anything to burn my ISO [ Bug#244274: ttcn3parser should be removed from sarge] [PROPOSAL] 2.4.27 as default 2.4 kernel for sarge Re: Accepted curl 7.12.1-1 (i386 source) Allowing dictionaries-common_0_22_40sarge1 to pass to testing Re: ancient gnome-session and kde another failed removal hint Another woody to sarge upgrade report Apology to german users required in the release notes Asking permission to upload of KSensors in testing-proposed-updates atari-fdisk status (was: Processed: closing) Bad interaction between sed and a2ps breaks apsfilter FW: Bad mozilla/Xprint interactions on Debian homepage: decisions needed binutils causing many packages to fail to build Re: boost 1.31 in sarge brand x Bug fixes held up by buildds Bug#133649: ITP: cm-super Re: Bug#228486: Apology to german users required in the release notes Re: Bug#241497: Critical bug still not addressed: upgrade-i386 Re: Bug#243009: qmailadmin: Removal suggestion Re: Bug#247176: Preparing a autobuildable package of perl for testing-proposed-updates Re: Bug#256930: removing ksocrat-data? Re: Bug#258888: Status of gnustep-imagekits ? Re: Bug#260508: Removal suggestion Re: Bug#263019: This bug is definitely RC Bug#263426: gcc-3.3 on i386, mipsel and sparc is built against binutils 2.15 and will try to use --as-needed Re: Bug#263764: please remove at76c503a from testing Bug#264055: [ Bug#264055: mtr-tiny: No bounds checking & possible array overflow in curses based 'Order of fields' frontend.] Re: Bug#264403: rpvm: FTBFS m68k: /usr/lib/pvm3/conf/LINUXR68R.def: No such file or directory Re: Bug#267096: serious, breaks sarge, libidn11 0.5.x in testing needed Re: Bug#267648: 1.1.1 ist too old and should not be released with sarge while my current 1.3.2 package is not yet in release condition Bug#268325: debootstrap: Please include libgnutls11 in sarge target Bug#268357: imagemagick: Buffer overflows in several coders (fixed in unstable). Bug#269235: after woody to sarge upgrade, dvipdfm cannot be removed buildd on "reconfig" is still broken Can adduser 0.59 be hinted to sarge? checking 2003 DSAs for woody checking testing against this year's DSAs Critical bug still not addressed: upgrade-i386 crm114 for sarge cyrus-sasl2 NMU for t-p-u Does kvirc need to go through t-p-u? FFTW3 in Sarge Re: file in sarge (was Re: [VAC] ...) final freeze and vacation final report on all woody DSAs and sarge Re: found herself. It was getting new "extra" package into sarge GNUstep Software for Sarge grep 2.5.1.ds1-3 Hint openldap2 hinting gnustep-base and pantomime Hinting nagios and nagios-plugins? Hinting pcsc* Hints hints for tetex packages needed (was: Update-excuses: Makes N non-depending packages uninstallable on ...) hylafax and sarge im happy for you installer: SATA-support intent for wine NMU Invite KDE 3.3 and sarge libbonobomm1.3 libcapi20-2 -> libcapi20-3 libiodbc2 arm binaries are missing libtiff RC bugs filed libtiff status: only 21 to go Re: libtiff transition libtiff transition: packages still not done libtiff: 4 left (was: libtiff: only 7 packages left!) libtiff: only 7 packages left! logrotate 3.7-2 and m68k miscfiles and malaga packages More RC bug work New patch (and problem with cdbs'ed packages not updating libtool) NEW processing of 2.6.8 related kernel .udebs. New upload of cernlib planned to fix (unfiled) RC bug Re: No libtiff transition for sarge Non-US CDs no more for sarge? Re: noteedit 2.7.1/sarge OK, just use (was: Re: Please let spamassassin and spamc 2.64-1 proceed into sarge) okay to close jadetex-related tetex RC bug 264043? OpenLDAP in sarge Outdated packages for contrib/non-free package in / package out packages erroneously on not-for-us lists packages in contrib/non-free depending on java etc. Packages with RC bugs fixed in unstable patch explanation Period before the freeze to let the buildd do their jobs please add hint for vim and vimhelp-fr please change state of boost on mips's wanna-build (was Bug#265430: boost: does not build on mips) Please consider cpad-kernel for testing Please document: Upgrade problems with apt pinning please hint tcp-wrappers 7.6.dbs-6 for testing please hint tcp-wrappers for sarge please hint vegastrike into testing please hint whois 4.6.21 for sarge please let bsdmainutils into testing Please let libtasn1-2 0.2.10-4 proceed into sarge Please let lzo 1.08-1.1 through into sarge Please let spamassassin and spamc 2.64-1 proceed into sarge please re-queue liblrdf Please remove "minit" from sarge Please remove alpha, mips and m68k distributed-net packages Please remove auto-pgp Please remove directory-administrator from sarge Please remove jpilot-mail from testing Please remove matchbox/1:0.6.2-1.1 Please remove postfix-gld from sarge Please remove the obsolete php4-gd2 package please requeue; 1.1.2-3 has to go into sarge... plex86-{internals,users}-guide Re: ppxp build failure problem in buildd? Problem with pbbuttonsd going to testing Re: Processed: Re: Bug#262236: Acknowledgement (apsfilter: FTBFS: Please replace 'exim' with 'exim4' in Build-Depends) QA packages for release qmailadmin: Removal suggestion regarding Re: Release update: base and standard frozen Re: Release update: lib transitions, toolchain fixes, buildd backlog removal requests Removal suggestion removal suggestion for openmosix from testing Removal suggestions Removal suggestions (ROM) Removals not worked? Remove debpartial-mirror from sarge Remove mysource (ROM) remove sim? removing ksocrat-data? removing mono packages from (only) Sarge to work around ARM breakage Re: Removing php4-imagick? request NMU on jadetex (impacts tiff transition) Request to remove pine-docs from testing and unstable requesting package removal on debian-release RFC: Adding minimal amd64/biarch support for sarge RFH: qt-x11-free SableVM 1.1.6-6 needs hinting for Sarge sed in sarge serious, breaks sarge, libidn11 0.5.x in testing needed The shlibs files of slang1a-utf8 and slang1 in sid specify dependendencies not fullfillable in sarge, although the packages was not uploaded in time for the base freeze. Some RC bug work status of "lirc" Status of GIMP 2.0 wrt Sarge ? Status of gnustep-imagekits ? Status of H323 packages in Sarge/Sid strace 4.5.6-1.1 The last update was on 07:20 GMT Sun May 05. There are 538 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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