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Re: Processed: Re: Bug#262236: Acknowledgement (apsfilter: FTBFS: Please replace 'exim' with 'exim4' in Build-Depends)

Andreas Jochens <aj@andaco.de> writes:

> What would be the correct bug severity for 'Arch: all' packages which do 
> not autobuild because of missing or incorrect Build-Depends? 

My understanding is that these are release critical bugs according to
the published release criteria, if they are relevent to sarge.  (That
is, "FTBFS with gcc 3.4" is not release critical.)

> I filed several bug reports and patches for such problems with 
> severity 'normal'. Some of those bugs were later set to 'serious' 
> by others. (Fortunately, most of these bugs have been fixed already -
> at least in 'sid'.)

I have upgraded such bugs when within my purview (generally for QA

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