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cyrus-sasl2 NMU for t-p-u

As commented in #debian-release, and elsewhere, cyrus-sasl2 in sarge needs

There are basically three choices AFAIK:
1. Downgrade sarge to 2.1.18-4
   BUT 2.1.18-4 is *very* *broken*.  This would not be a good idea IMHO,
   and on the opinion of many others.

2. Unfreeze 2.1.19-1 in sid
   BUT there are some important fixes in Cyrus SASL CVS, and
   one minor issue with the initscript that we ought to fix in sarge.

3. NMU 2.1.19-1.1 can be uploaded to unstable, and after a few days,
   unfrozen into sarge.  Or it can go directly to sarge, whatever
   you think best.

   The NMU diff is available at: Bug#265751
   The changelog has a full rationale.

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