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More RC bug work

Here's the other part of the alphabet.  As before, any suggestions for how
better to do this or the pointing out of any mistakes I've made would be
very appreciated.

I don't believe the following bugs are RC:

#260779  libruby1.8
    The new version of Ruby has made it into sarge, so the sarge tag can
    be removed from this bug.  This is now only a woody problem.

#260784  ldap-utils
    This bug appears to have been fixed some time back and the new version
    has propagated into sarge.  I believe that this bug can now be closed.

#261254  xmms
    As noted in the bug, this looks to be a problem with a particular
    user's configuration and doesn't need to be RC.

#261944  ldapdns
    Bug report withdrawn by the original submitter.  I believe this bug
    can be closed.

#262395  xmltex
    Installation of xmltex and other TeX format packages may fail if
    tetex-bin is configured not to use update-fmtutil.  The tetex-bin
    configuration warns about this.  I told the user what was going on.
    I think this bug can just be closed.

I've checked the following reports, added whatever additional information
should be required to fully fix the problem (generally as a patch), and
added the patch tag to the bug:

#243048 xen: confirmed it was safe to remove the gcc-3.2 build dependency
#259877 tcpspy: word-wrapping bug in the init script
#261048 sndconfig: provided patch to fix library linking issues
#262010 gtkmm: provided a patch to fix the library building problem
#262018   fixed by the patch to #262010
#262020   fixed by the patch to #262010
#262024   fixed by the patch to #262010
#262023 libmono0: provided a patch to fix the library dependency problem
#262412 jsboard: provided UNTESTED patch to move config file to /etc

I've also investigated the following bugs:

#262114  libdns11
    I can confirm that the current library in testing does indeed have a
    TEXTREL section, but if I rebuild the package, the resulting library
    does not.  Maybe this one just needs a rebuild?

#263124  modplugxmms
    This package is currently in a very odd state.  Maybe it's in the
    middle of a migration?  Currently in sid, libmodplug and
    libmodplug-dev are provided by the modplugxmms source package, but the
    source package build-depends on libmodplug-dev.  This unsurprisingly
    doesn't work; perhaps there's a separate libmodplug source package
    that's in the process of being uploaded.  (I don't know how to check.)

Russ Allbery (rra@stanford.edu)             <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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