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Re: miscfiles and malaga packages

On Fri, Aug 20, 2004 at 02:46:37AM -0700, Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:

> For miscfiles, this is just data (no programs), and the old data is
> very out of date, and actually time-sensitive.  I just uploaded today;
> the delay uploading was because the FSF was dithering about whether it
> would make an upstream release of the new data, and RMS finally (grrr)
> said to go ahead and make the Debian release without waiting further.

As an arch: all package, I don't foresee any problems for this update
getting in.

> For malaga, this represents a "new" upstream version, very very
> important, which fixes quite a few bugs and should not be delayed.
> Without doubt, the bugs and problems it fixes are far worse than any
> things introduced; the upstream version is not new to the world, only
> new to Debian.

> I really did upload malaga within the time in the release schedule,
> but it involved an soname upgrade (don't worry, there are no Debian
> packages which depend on the library in question), which required the
> ftp masters to independently approve the new binary package.

> Malaga is currently stalled getting in to testing for two reasons: the
> autobuilders have still not gotten to it for arm, m68k, mips, and
> mipsel; it took way long for the ftp masters to approve it (and so it
> hasn't been in sid long); and it is waiting for gtk+2.0 and thus for
> tiff.

In the worst case, we can bump the urgency of this package if it's
ready to go before the waiting period is up; but with the current
autobuilder backlog, it's more likely that this is what we'll be waiting
for.  The freeze will have to be delayed until the backlog can clear in
any case.

> Finally, once libmalaga6 finally migrates, libmalaga2 needs to be
> dropped; nothing depends on it (as I said) and the system should not
> be bloated with it.  The relevant request can be found at bug 264125
> against ftp.debian.org.

This bug is unnecessary; old packages are automatically removed when
they're no longer referenced by the control file of the source package
they came from.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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