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Re: KDE 3.3 and sarge

On Sat, Aug 14, 2004 at 09:50:52PM -0700, Steve Langasek wrote:
> [Please cc: debian-release on replies.]
> As some of you probably already know, a number of packages from KDE 3.3
> have been uploaded today to unstable.  This upload of a major new
> upstream release was not discussed with the release team prior to
> upload; actually, it's caused quite a bit of consternation and generally
> made for a crappy day on account of the impact on the libtiff freeze.

OT: since when is there communication in Debian... Sorry I couldn't resist.

I did not see the libtiff update on dda until after I had gotten up this
morning (after uploading). kdelibs at minimum would have to had been
reuploaded in any case due to several pending security holes. :( A few
of the other kde packages not related to the libtiff transition would
have to had uploads done as well.

> The problems for libtiff have, however, been sorted at this point.
> Consequently, this note is to let maintainers of KDE packages know that
> the release team does not plan to delay the freeze for KDE3.3.  After
> discussing with Ben Burton, it is clear that allowing only part of KDE
> 3.3 into sarge so close to the freeze is likely to lead to new bugs, and
> that any attempt to get all of KDE3.3 into sarge at this point would
> unacceptably delay the release schedule.

There should be no need to delay the freeze for KDE 3.3. By the time the
buildds actually manage to catch up KDE 3.3 would be ready as well.

Also, note that there are quite a few RC bugs in KDE 3.2.3 including
security holes and kmail eating your email, etc. Upstream does not
consider non-security issues to be big enough to backport to a no longer
current release, since KDE 3.3 has already been released to packagers.

buildd backlog (Needs-Build/Building/Dep-Wait)

alpha	- 272
amd64	- 130
arm	- 639
hppa	- 189
i386	-  18
ia64	- 176
m68k	- 371
mips	- 619
mipsel	- 722
powerpc	- 275
s390	- 253
sparc	- 212

And growing daily. Yes you see right _722_ packages on mipsel, I had not
built any of the KDE 3.2.3 debs I had uploaded 12 days later before
uploading KDE 3.3.0. I sent email requesting to have them requeued and
dep-waited on "Date: Fri, 6 Aug 2004 04:10:41 -0500" with no response
nor action taken.

> If you maintain KDE-related packages that still need to be updated for
> sarge, this means that you will need to upload your changes to
> testing-proposed-updates after discussing them with the release team
> first, because any packages built against unstable will have an
> unsatisfiable versioned dependency on kdelibs.  You can thank Chris
> Cheney for this turn of events.

Yep, thank me. :P Of course if they had uploaded them prior with KDE
3.2.3 they still would never have gone into sarge anyway due to most of
the buildd's being broken and/or hopelessly slow. In fact today I have
been tracking arts in mipsel queue and every hour it goes further back,
it seems mipsel has no chance of ever catching up. Its really a pity
Ryan refused the extra buildds earlier this year.

> I am aware that testing-proposed-updates will be needed for kdegraphics,
> kdelibs, and kdebase because of a combination of security fixes and the
> still outstanding requirement to get rid of libtiff3g for sarge.  Ben
> Burton has already expressed his willingness to NMU these packages if
> necessary; Chris, if you are available to work on this yourself, I am of
> course happy to work with you to get these packages ready for sarge.
> These uploads will in any case have to wait for libtiff4 to reach sarge,
> which should happen in two to three days once the new libtiff3g package
> is built on all architectures.

Add to that list at least kdepim and someone will need to find and
backport all the kmail related packages resulting in eaten email, unless
data loss isn't considered RC anymore. How are you planning on getting
anything built on mipsel? Or is it no longer considered a releasable
arch? From everything I saw (number of outstanding bug reports, number
of packages in buildd queues, etc) it looked like sarge wouldn't be
releasing anytime soon in reality. Over the past several weeks it appears
the RC bug count has actually gone up not down. I estimate it would only
take a couple days to get all of KDE 3.3 ready for release, besides
being built. As I already mentioned above the packages uploaded ~ Aug 2
were yet to even be built on several archs on Aug 13. In fact mipsel
buildd never built jasper, I had to have goswin build it for me over a
month later. Of course you may have some grand scheme that I am not
aware of.

I did not upload KDE 3.3 to try to have a nice shiny new release in
sarge, it just seemed to lesser of the evils and considering the current
buildd/bugs situation seemed to be reasonable. If someone wants to go to
the extra work of actually making KDE 3.2.3 release quality then feel
free. I just think it will take longer to do that than to actually get
KDE 3.2 into shape.


Chris Cheney

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