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Re: removal suggestion for openmosix from testing

* Martin Zobel-Helas (mhelas@helas.net) wrote:
> question about a removal from testing:
> openmosix
> It has longstanding RC bug (#232810). No direct reaction from maintainer.

Actually, I was working on that already (well, that issue was fixed, I
was trying to fix the *other* bugs against it before uploading a new
version) this past weekend.  Ran out of time though because I worked on
my other packages first (which, honestly, I consider more important).

I hadn't commented on it because, well, I didn't think it
really needed to be.  Anyway, I hadn't finished the changes to the
package I wanted to make over the weekend so I hadn't uploaded a new
version yet.

I hope to upload a new version this coming weekend which will fix the RC
bug, along w/ most of the other ones I think.


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