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Please consider cpad-kernel for testing


ordinarily I'm arguing to users why we shouldn't push some release of a
package of mine on to the stable track, but this time I'd like to make
the case to get one on it.

The cpad-kernel package is well tested by a fairly large proportion of
Linux users known to own such hardware.  It has been sitting in partial
hibernation, and distributed informally from people.d.o and other sites,
first waiting for changes to makedev to create its device in a policy
compliant way, then for me to update the package to actually use it.
The module code itself has not been updated by either Rob or myself
for many months and no new or serious bugs have been reported or
experienced.  I've been using it every day for over 18 months now,
and rebuilt a new 2.4.27 kernel using it without trouble just before
the upload to unstable and which I'm still running now.

Since it was only added to the overrides for unstable in the last 24
hours, I assume it has missed its window for testing.  This would be
sad, but I'm still glad I got my other packages in final shape before
going back for this one.  I could upload it with a higher priority, but
I'm guessing that is no longer sufficient just of itself, or at least
still not the best way to deal with this.

I'm confident enough in this package to vouch for it, with whatever
flimsy reputation I have, to go on track for testing along with the rest
of my packages.  If there is something else I need to do to see that
happen, please let me know.  This one should have been in earlier and
it was only my misjudgement of the rate the release schedule ramped up
recently that has put it at risk of being left out.  If anyone has
questions, please mail me directly and I'll answer as best I can.


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