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hylafax and sarge

hi all,
the hylafax packages have been blocked in unstable since the arm buildd is really slow. Moreover hylafax was waiting for the libtiff transition and has been in unstable for 18 days now.

There are numerous bug fixes in the unstable (4.1.8-16) version and a new version has already been upload to experimental (4.2.0-1). It is not an "experimental" version: it a new upstream version that I wouldn't upload to unstable for not slowing the libtiff transition.

Yesterday a new grave bug was reported (#267270) against the version in testing (4.1.8-13) and I would like to fix bug in a new 4.2.0-2 version.

4.1.8-13 is in testing with a GRAVE bug
4.1.8-16 is in unstable and still contain the bug
4.2.0-1 is in experimental
4.2.0-2 is ready and fixes the problem, but I still have to upload it

What should I do to make sure that hylafax goes into sarge?


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