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Re: [PROPOSAL] 2.4.27 as default 2.4 kernel for sarge

Sven Luther wrote:

It's a self-built kernel, but without modification.

I neglected to include a modules listing in the bug report. Here are those myst likely to be involved:
ide_generic             1472  0
sis5513                16776  1
hpt366                 22788  2
ide_disk               19264  5 hpt366
ide_core 138776 5 usb_storage,ide_generic,sis5513,hpt366,ide_disk
sd_mod                 21632  0
ata_piix                8132  0
libata                 41348  1 ata_piix
scsi_mod              124620  3 usb_storage,sd_mod,libata
unix                   28592  170
I wonder if your ide chipset got correctly detected (aparently), and if dma
and other such parameters are identic.

The sis5513 is plausible, I know it is used for earlier SiS chipsets.
Here are the kernel messages I think relevant:
PCI: Probing PCI hardware (bus 00)
Uncovering SIS963 that hid as a SIS503 (compatible=0)
Enabling SiS 96x SMBus.
ACPI: PCI Interrupt Routing Table [\_SB_.PCI0._PRT]

I asked because another guy (with a piix chipset though), was claiming that
his chipset was not detected, and thus that dma was not activated.

I clean forgot to explicitly affirm that it has DMA on:
kowari:~# hdparm /dev/hda

multcount    =  0 (off)
IO_support   =  0 (default 16-bit)
unmaskirq    =  0 (off)
using_dma    =  1 (on)
keepsettings =  0 (off)
readonly     =  0 (off)
readahead    = 256 (on)
geometry     = 16383/255/63, sectors = 234439535, start = 0

I prefer u1 c1 but generally those make little difference.
kowari:~# hdparm -t /dev/hda

Timing buffered disk reads:   92 MB in  3.04 seconds =  30.23 MB/sec
kowari:~# hdparm -t /dev/hda{,,}

Timing buffered disk reads:  112 MB in  3.01 seconds =  37.17 MB/sec

Timing buffered disk reads:  108 MB in  3.05 seconds =  35.43 MB/sec

Timing buffered disk reads:  108 MB in  3.02 seconds =  35.73 MB/sec



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