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Bug#268325: debootstrap: Please include libgnutls11 in sarge target

Package: debootstrap
Version: 0.2.41-0.2
Severity: normal

One of sarge's goals was to try to get rid of libgnutls10 and use
libgnutls11 instead. However debootstrap does not install it for sarge
and therefore exim4 cannot switch.

Afaict all that is needed is
s/libgnutls10 /libgnutls10 libgnutls11/
in the sarge script for the transition period (until debootstrap in
the d-i is upgraded and a new exim4 has followed.) - gnutls11's
dependencies (libgcrypt11, libgpg-error0, libopencdk8, libtasn1-2) are
already installed.

I'd prefer to switch to gnutls11 (openldap2 has switched and therefore
exim4-daemon-heavy links against to gnutls-version at runtime, which
is not problrmatic but ugly.)

I'd appreciate if this could be resolved as fast as possible either
way, i.e. if you deny this for sarge I'd like to know ASAP, because
then I'd upload a new exim4 to testing-proposed-updates immediately.
             thanks, cu andreas
PS: debian-release@lists.debian.org is Cc'ed.

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