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okay to close jadetex-related tetex RC bug 264043?

I think this is a question suitable for debian-release this time. ;-)

Now that the jadetex NMU has been done, I'd like to close tetex bug
264043.  Someone cloned 253098 (the jadetex bug) and assigned it to
tetex, probably because jadetex's installation script failure message
indicated that it was probably a tetex bug.  I don't think it was a
tetex bug, so I'd like to close this bug, removing one RC bug from

I was just going to post to 264043-done an explanation of why I think
this isn't a tetex bug, and mentioning that the clone bug (253098) was
closed in an NMU.  Is there any reason that I should not do that?
Clearly if someone in the future decides that my fix was wrong and
that it really was a tetex bug, the tetex and jadetex maintainers can
deal with it in the future.


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