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Some RC bug work

Hello folks,

I'm very new at this (this is the first time I've tried to help out with
RC bugs), so please let me know if what I've done here is useful, and
please let me know how I can make it more useful.  I am not (yet) a Debian
developer, so I can't upload NMUs, but I'm trying to make it as easy as
possible for those who can by putting analysis and patches in the bug

Here's the results of this morning's work.  I intend to keep moving along
looking for RC bugs that I have some idea of how to handle, so please let
me know if I'm doing this all wrong and should be going about this in some
other way.

For all of the issues noted below, I've also added the details to the
corresponding bug.

I don't believe the following bugs are RC:

#255582  gpdf
    I was unable to reproduce this bug in testing, and from the reports it
    sounded like it should be easily reproducible.  Perhaps it has since
    cleared up due to library migrations?  Mailed the two people who
    reported it and asked them to check, and one of them wrote back to say
    they were no longer seeing this either.

#260428  affiche
    Reporter was using affiche under a non-GNUstep environment, which
    isn't really its intended usage.  I was unable to reproduce the bug
    under fvwm2, although the behavior of the application is a little odd.
    I would attribute that to not running under GNUstep, though.

#261319  dhcp-client
    Behavior with regards to /etc/resolv.conf is documented (although not
    in the most obvious location), and the package provides an
    (undocumented) way of working around it.  The documentation could be
    improved, but replacing /etc/resolv.conf is a common problem with DHCP
    clients and doesn't warrant removing the package.

I've checked the following reports, added whatever additional information
should be required to fully fix the problem (generally as a patch), and
added the patch tag to the bug:

#167544  hbf-jfs56: postrm needs to be prerm, missing Depends
#256093  interchange: bug in package logic requiring prerm workaround
#260311  arla-kernel-source: installed newly built module incorrectly
#262012  gnome-media: provided patch to link shared library correctly
#262434  debian-zh-faq: one-line patch needed to debian/rules

I also did some additional investigation of the following bug:

#239326  freewrl
    There is a packaging problem here, in that what is installed as the
    freewrl binary isn't the actual binary.  However, there are deeper
    problems than that, as the binary segfaults immediately if built out
    of the source tree and then run.  gdb wasn't helpful (to me at least).

In trying to (unsuccessfully) get more information about the RC bug in
goats, I discovered that it calls scrollkeeper from its postinst but
doesn't depend on it, nor does it pick up scrollkeeper from its other
dependencies (this resulted in a failure to install on my system until I
installed scrollkeeper manually).  I filed a new Serious bug on this and
included a patch.

Russ Allbery (rra@stanford.edu)             <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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