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Does kvirc need to go through t-p-u?


I am not subscribed to debian-release so I didn't see the note about the KDE
3.3 upload[1] until now. I have a KDE-related package that I would like to
get into Sarge in time for the release and I'd like to find out if that will
still happen automatically or if t-p-u should be used for that.
My kvirc upload happened on August 8 but it hasn't been built on every arch
yet. The architectures that have already built it all built against KDE 3.2
except for sparc which has a dependency on kdelibs 3.3. I fear that the four
buildds which still need to catch up (arm, m68k, mips*) will also end up
with a kdelibs (>= 3.3) dependency now. 

One of the reasons I want it to go in to Sarge is that the previous
.orig.tar.gz still contained RFC documents. My new upload bumped the version
number so that a new .orig.tar.gz is used and those RFCs are no longer in the
source package. The new upload also contains a fix for a segfault when kvirc
is compiled against Qt 3.3.

Please cc me on replies :)


[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-release/2004/08/msg00222.html

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