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Re: libtiff RC bugs filed

>   > One maintainer replied to my message in time stating that his upload
>   > was prepared and he was just waiting for his sponsor.
>   Which maintainer was this?  A sponsored MU is always better than an NMU,
>   so I'd be happy to sponsor an upload if needed.

Nico Golde <nico@ngolde.de> for gtksee.  His message stated that the
package was prepared but his sponsor still had to check it He expected
the package to be uploaded this week.  If he contacts me again, I can
point him your way.

>   Particularly since NMUs will need to follow shortly, any information
>   that potential NMUers have available to them about the order in which
>   packages need to be uploaded is likely to save some duplicated effort;
>   so if you have time to prepare something along these lines, I'm sure it
>   would be appreciated.

Okay, I'll try to squeeze this in.  I have some dependency code I
wrote for a similar problem.  I can probably adapt that.


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