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Re: libtiff RC bugs filed

>   > >   > One maintainer replied to my message in time stating that his upload
>   > >   > was prepared and he was just waiting for his sponsor.
>   > >   Which maintainer was this?  A sponsored MU is always better than an NMU,
>   > >   so I'd be happy to sponsor an upload if needed.
>   > Nico Golde <nico@ngolde.de> for gtksee.  His message stated that the
>   > package was prepared but his sponsor still had to check it He expected
>   > the package to be uploaded this week.  If he contacts me again, I can
>   > point him your way.
>   [...]
>   FYI I've just filed this rc-bug (#262995), because we thought gtksee
>   was accidentally missed, as the current maintainer is a DD and does
>   not need a sponsor and therefore does not match the profile. - Sorry.
>		cu andreas

Did you find anything else that appeared to be missing?  If so, please
let me know.  I'll recheck my script and see if whatever caused the
error could be the source of any other errors.  If this is the only
one you found missing, that would be encouraging since this is the
only one I made a special case for.  There was one other RC bug that I
handled manually because the maintainer contacted me specifically
asking for an NMU.  I noted this in the bug report.  That package was
guikachu maintained by rogerso@debian.org.


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