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Re: Bug#228486: Apology to german users required in the release notes

Michael Stone <mstone@debian.org> writes:

> On Tue, Aug 31, 2004 at 12:26:28PM +0200, you wrote:
>>A) Using the same quotes as in english, i.e., ""
> Once again, the english quotes are also stupid:
>> mv -iv foo bar
> `foo' -> `bar'
> It is not clear why german users are the only ones who need an "apology"
> because they get stupid-looking quotes.

The english quotes at least stick to the idea that one character is one
symbol.  I find the ,, ascii art-like behaviour for German
very ugly, and in fact, for me as a braille user, it is even
more confusing than it is probably for a sighted user.  What I see
there are two commas, I have no way of even guessing that this should look
like a open quote.  The situation will be even worse
for people using speech.  Naming a single character with a substitution
is a common feature in screen readers, but I wouldn't know how
to tell such a program that ",," is to be pronounced as "open quote".
Even if it were possible in some cases, the posibility of false-positives is
still there.

All in all, if this can't be fixed in time, I second the idea of an apology
in the release notes.


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