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Critical bug still not addressed: upgrade-i386

Reminder: the directory
still has not been created, let alone populated.

I would expect this to be a hard requirement before sarge can be released; otherwise upgrades from woody for real i386 machines will not be possible.

It will need to contain a kernel for i386 machines which
(1) installs cleanly on woody
(2) contains and enables the 486 emulation patch (introduced with Debian's kernel 2.4.24, but really could be attached to any 2.4 version, I believe).

This is only for actual i386's (not i486's or higher), so this should really just be one kernel image package (plus perhaps certain modules packages). Probably the safest way to go is to
(1) take the newest kernel/modules packages in woody for real i386
(2) Add and enable the 486 emulation patch
(3) Make the version numbering just above the version number for the current packages in woody
(4) Disable building anything except the real i386 flavor
(5) Build it.
(6) Upload source and binary packages to dists/sarge/main/upgrade-i386
(7) Ask for testing (and repeat if necessary). I wouldn't actually expect any problems if doing it this way since the change is actually fairly localized.

Perhaps someone with experience in building kernel packages could do 1-5; it doesn't look like *that* much work, since you're only building for one single flavor, but it's rather hard for someone with no experience to decipher the kernel package build scheme in woody. Once the packages are ready, we can all worry about getting them into the appropriate place. :-)

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