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Re: No libtiff transition for sarge

On Sun, Aug 08, 2004 at 06:46:09PM +0200, Andreas Metzler wrote:


> > [1] OK, you could upload half of GNOME recompiled against an older 
> >     libgpg-error0
> Nicely spotted. Seems like libgpg-error0 somehow missed radar, another
> case for tpu, imho.

 Woops! That's was really my fault. I check that there were no internal
 need to upgrade shlibs, but I forgot to change shlibs creation.
 Anyway, such change should be made, as new interfaces have been added
 from 0.7 to 1.0. A package using that should be able to say that he
 needs the new version.

 Other reason is that libgpg-error was priority optional till this last
 upload, when I realised that libgnutls/libcrypt depend on it. Even,
 though I have changed it in my sources, bug filled in ftp.d.o is not
 yet closed. (see #262938)

 And basically, all those GNOME packages depending directly on
 libgpg-error0 need to be relibtoolized and reuploaded, with new libtool
 >= 1.5.6, and those dependencies will disappear. If someone can
 provide me a list, I can see what can be done in this field from GNOME
 Team part.

 Anyway, I'd like to hear release people about this issue. If a fixed
 package must be drop to t-p-u I'll prepare it ASAP. (CC set on
 d-release for that)


Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo

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