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Allowing dictionaries-common_0_22_40sarge1 to pass to testing

Hi all,

I plan to upload to testing-proposed-updates a dictionaries-common package
containing sarge fixes for some bugs. I am explaining each one in a more
detailed way than will be in the changelog:

#263402 no default for, "german" or "german -tex" at high priority

  This is a nasty bug, the automatic selection mechanism for ispell and
  wordlists defaults after debian installer settings does not cover all
  the debian-installer/language possibilities but only the simplest one.
  This means that in practice the mechanism is mostly broken and after
  the installation process most users will end up with the english
  selection instead of their selection if different.  

#261920 New Albanian(sq) translation of dictionaries-common

#265505 dictionaries-common-dev (optional): 
Allow Architecture: all for ispell dictionaries if hash made by postinst

  Fixed ispell dict packages architecture in the policy document. When
  ispell hash files are built from dictionary postinst it should be 'all',
  but the policy document states 'any'.

If before even seeing the diffs you find some or all of the fixes not
appropriate to pass to sarge, please let me know. 

A fixed package (except for #263402) has already been uploaded to unstable.
I am waiting for alioth to be ready (some services like www and ssh and may
be cvs seem to be down now) to commit the changes and build a new package
for unstable for the final testings.

I plan to do the sarge upload around Monday, depending on the time slices I
can get, since I am still in vacation.



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