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Re: Apology to german users required in the release notes

Helge Kreutzmann <kreutzm@itp.uni-hannover.de> writes:

> The Debian Project apologies for the unfortunate german quoting on the
> command line interface. A solution is worked on, but unfortunately
> hasn't made it into Sarge. As a workaround, switching to a UTF-8 based
> locale will avoid the problem.

Um, why not simply say that UTF-8 is required for the German locale?
It's hardly a workaround--it seems to me that we should encourage
UTF-8 wherever we can.  So we do support German, we even support it
correctly, with correct quoting, and the way to get it is to turn on
the UTF-8 based locale.

Surely there are even better things that we could do, but we don't
need to apologize just because it isn't done as well as possible.  It
would be nice to have a Latin-1 based version, but we don't.  We do,
however, have a UTF-8 one, and UTF-8 is generally better anyhow.
Using commas for open-quote is crazy--I totally agree--but we can
simply tell users not to use that locale, right?

> The vast majority (c.f. the thread starting at [4]) believes that either
> solution is much better than the current state. However, the
> glibc-maintainers expressed concernes about diverging from upstream
> and pointed out that the bugs where minor and (implicitly) should be
> fixed at some later stage.

As it happens, upstream is German (unless Ulrich has moved on to other
things).  What does he say about it?


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