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Re: Status of H323 packages in Sarge/Sid

Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo wrote:
>  Hi,
>  So, basically, we're copletely lost with this bug. And to round things
>  a bit more, while trying to debug it, we faced other bug: GM 0.98.5 fails to
>  compile from source in Sarge due to GTK_DISABLED_DEPRECATED flag being
>  set on upstream sources. (#266442)
>  Any advice?


we did some investigations on that bug at the BSP weekend in Darmstadt. what i
found in my buildlog, is that it is using pwlib 1.6.6 but expecting 1.6.5

| checking for PWLib version... 1.6.6
| Sorry but the recommended PWLib version is 1.6.5

perhaps one should investigate on that. as i am not very firm in that, i might
be wrong.

if you want me to compile a new version of GM on hppa without uploading a new
one to debian, just drop me a mail containing a link where to fetch the new


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