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The shlibs files of slang1a-utf8 and slang1 in sid specify dependendencies not fullfillable in sarge, although the packages was not uploaded in time for the base freeze.

Sorry for the overlong subject. ;-)

It has been brought to our attention that slang breaks the base
freeze, because any package linking against slang uploaded to sid
now cannot propagate to sarge because the slang's shlibs have been
bumped. slang 1.4.9dbs-4 and -5 were uploaded on 26 Jul 2004 with
urgency=low therefore without any chance of making the base-freeze

I have tried to understand why 1.4.9dbs-5 forces (>> 1.4.9dbs-4)
dependencies in its shlibs file but the only change in the source-code
between 1.4.9dbs-3 and 1.4.9dbs-5 is the bugfix for #260898 exactly as
posted by Colin Watson in the BTS. And I completely fail to see how
this patch can change the ABI.

              cu andreas[2]
[1] whitespace broken due to c'n'p, apply with patch -l.
[2] No I am no release manager but
"See, I told you they'd listen to Reason," [SPOILER] Svfurlr fnlf,
fuhggvat qbja gur juveyvat tha.
Neal Stephenson in "Snow Crash"

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