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removing mono packages from (only) Sarge to work around ARM breakage


could you please remove the packages for Mono from Sarge (and only
Sarge)? Or manually force the current versions into Sarge? The current
versions there are completely outdated and buggy and the newer ones do
not get into Sarge because s390 buildd ignores them for unknown reason
and ARM is completely broken. I was able to build it on s390 on one of
our developers machines but ARM people seem not to provide any shell
access, not a workin buildd. So the only good way I see is removing the
old versions of mono and mcs from Sarge and let the newer ones sink down
into Testing (build for i386/ppc/s390).

BTW: what is the situation with ARM? IMO it is not keeping up and should
be removed from the Sarge architectures. Currently, it blocks the whole
process and makes it appear uncontrolable. Please post some news to

<janw> ich habe unter Debian die falsche Grafikkarte installiert, wie kann ich
	das �ern?
<fd0> janw: rechner aufschrauben, karte raus, die richtige karte rein,
	zuschrauben, booten, fertig.

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