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Re: QA packages for release


dia2code has now been uploaded (again). Hope this really fix the


// Ola

On Mon, Aug 30, 2004 at 04:02:36PM -0700, Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:
> For a while I've been tracking the sarge inclusion of QA-managed
> packages.  Here is a status report.  Some of you are getting this
> because you have done something relevant to one or more of these
> packages and should stay on top of things.  But I have set the
> Reply-To to debian-release.  If you reply about one or more specific
> packages, you might want to add the other relevant people too at your
> option. 
> First, the special cases.  
> According to http://bjorn.haxx.se/debian/testing.pl?package=lirc, lirc
> isn't in testing because there aren't current builds on any
> architecture but i386.  But according to packages.debian.org/lirc,
> this is incorrect, and the latest package (-11) exists for every arch.
> According to bugs.debian.org/260565 and bugs.debian.org/267323, the
> problem is old outdated binary packages in the archive which need to
> be deleted by ftpmaster.  In my opinion, this kind of ftpmaster work
> needs to take a priority.  There are people (see those bugs)
> interested in taking over lirc, but still, the package should get into
> testing.  The actual problem here is that lirc builds multiple
> packages; one of them, lirc-svga, is Arch: i386 only.  But the new
> lirc can't get installed until the bogus non-i386 binaries for
> lirc-svga get dropped from the archive.  So this is in ftpmaster-wait.
> Second, the lush package is waiting on builds for arm and m68k, but
> also upstream does not support ia64, and there are buildd failures
> (and also bogus old binary packages).  The ia64 build needs to be
> dropped from sarge so that when the arm and m68k builds complete, the
> package will migrate into sarge.  See bugs.debian.org/267474.  This is
> in ftpmaster-wait.
> The noteedit package is waiting on four autobuilds, but also on
> kdelibs, which has release critical bugs.  This is presumable the KDE
> 3.3 problem.  However, the new version should get in (at least one of
> the 2.7.1 packages, that is).  It doesn't matter which--because the
> following uploads are just maintainer changes.  But the actual 2.7.1
> is important.  So I'm happy to do some work to try and get a version
> in compiled against KDE 3.2, but I don't know how to go about it.
> And finally, dia2code and snacc have easy-to-fix FTBFS bugs.  Ola
> Lundqvist was working on dia2code last week; if he tells me he's going
> to fix the latest problem then great--otherwise I'll upload a fix
> tomorrow.  Likewise snacc has had recent attention, and if Sam Hocevar
> tells me he's going to fix the latest problem, great--otherwise I'll
> work on it tomorrow.
> The following packages are waiting for builds on the specified
> buildd's.  Some of these are also too young to get in, but by the time
> the arm queue catches up, they probably won't be.
>   bbconf: in depwait on arm and m68k, waiting on qt-x11-free
>   gtktalog: arm, hppa
>   raidtools: arm, hppa
>   regexx: mips
>   simplecdrx: arm
>   trustees: arm
>   wmapm: arm
>   xwave: arm
> The following packages are ready to go and just have to wait the right
> number of days before they get into sarge, on the specified day:
>   kernellab (September 3)
>   macrosystem (September 3)
>   masqdialer (September 6)
>   opendb (September 3)
>   preferences (September 4)
> The following have release-critical bugs which are unlikely to be
> fixed and it's ok to exclude the packages from sarge in my opinion:
>   roleplaying
>   t-gnus

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