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Re: ancient gnome-session and kde

On lun, 2004-08-02 at 18:28 -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
> I see that gnome-session is still stuck at version 2.6.1-5 in testing.
> That old version has bug #250970 which makes gdm launch kde by default
> on new debian installs. It's probably already too late to fix this for
> the next debian-installer release, I hope you guys can get a newer
> version into testing in time for the final release, although it seems
> that recent changes have made it contingent on the gcc 3.4 and libtiff
> transitions. I think it would be really sorta sucky if we shipped with
> gnome-session 2.6.1-5.

True. I can make an upload to t-p-u to fix that specific issue if the
release team agrees.

Anyway, having gnome-session 2.6.2-5 would be nice for another thing:
the shutdown-on-logout feature, which also requires GDM 2.6.  All of
this is stuck by a librsvg2/gtk+2.0/libtiff4/libgcc1/libgnutls11 mess...
This is also holding gnome-games and gnome-applets which are still at
version 2.4 in testing. 

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