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Re: [PROPOSAL] 2.4.27 as default 2.4 kernel for sarge

> >   Based on discussions on the debian-kernel list[1], I'd like to propose
> > that we use 2.4.27 as the 2.4 kernel for all architectures with 2.4 kernels
> > in sarge.  The strongest arguments for 2.4.27, as opposed to 2.4.26 were noted
> > by tbm [3].
> One thing to bear in mind when making this kind of decision it that it
> seems to take d-i about 2 weeks to transition to a new kernel once the

What are the plans regarding 2.6 ?

Yesterday, I installed a HP Proliant DL240, with Broadcom Gigabit
Ethernet controllers....2.6.7 tg3 module does not seem to support
these while I've been told that 2.6.8 does.

So, at least regarding such (quite widespread?) machines, I would
support the use of 2.6.8.

PS : this machine installed well with 2.4.26, however, so I'm later
able to switch to 2.6.8 by just waiting it to enter sarge.

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