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packages erroneously on not-for-us lists

I know there has been ongoing discussion about the effect on sarge
transitions of packages that out of date on some architectures for
which they already exist in sarge.  Particularly, there seems to be
consensus that something reasonable will be done for those instances
in which packages are out of date because they are waiting for

The xerces23 and xerces24 packages also have an additional problem:
they have somehow (through no action of mine) ended up on the
not-for-us lists for mips (both) and mipsel (xerces24)


I have sent multiple messages to mips{,el}@buildd.debian.org with no
response and have also sent personal email to Ryan Murray, but the
packages are still there.  The most recent buildd logs for the xerces
packages indicate that both packages built successfully on both
architectures, and both packages are already in sarge in all

If this issue is not resolved, will the currently uploaded
xerces{23,24} packages be able to be in sarge?  How can I go about
getting this resolved, other than doing what I've already done?


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