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Re: Accepted curl 7.12.1-1 (i386 source)


Domenico Andreoli wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 10, 2004 at 03:55:59PM +0200, Rene Engelhard wrote:
> > 
> > UARGH. That time is suboptimal. I am trying to get an OOo with *two* RC
> > bug fixes (one unreported, removal of unnedded builddep on libtiff3g-dev)
> > and the removal of the unneeded -crashrep package into sarge. As I "fixed"
> > your wishlist bug with building against libcurl3 I now depend onn libcurl3
> > and need it into testing before the full freeze, which incidentially
> > is at 24th August (packages must be in sarge then...).
> > 
> > There was just mipsel missing from the 8 days old curl to resolve that
> > problem, now we have 10 days again which is 20/21th August. And what is
> > with updates you (hopefully not) have to do?
> OOo still misses the sparc build, doesn't it? and all of us need
> gcc-3.4. so the solution of your problem was near but not that much

Yes. But since gcc-3.4 will be in testing RSN afaict this would not been
the big problem...

> and curl is not pushing it too far IMHO.

10 days which is 4 days before the freeze...

> > PLEASE think of packages which depend on you and an upcoming freeze.
> > Thank you.
> i knew you would not have been too happy about this upload, but i don't
> think we are really in danger.

Well, I just saw that upload, calculated and ....

> > Well, if that doesn't turn out I would need to put the identical
> > sourcepkg (with the builddep changed back to libcurl2-dev) into t-p-u.
> > I guess the RMs would not like that ;-)
> no, we don't want this of course.

And the RMs don't like that which a quick question reveals ;)

> if you (or the release managers) do not feel confident about risk,
> you are free to ask the removal of latest curl from incoming with my
> hereby granted approval.  i can always try to upload it again later
> before 17th August.

Well, shouldn't be possible with katie. Well, this happened now...
Let's look....


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