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Re: Release update: lib transitions, toolchain fixes, buildd backlog

Hi, Steve:
> KDE 3.3 has been uploaded to unstable; however, at this time it does
>   not look like the packages will have stabilized in time for sarge's
>   release.  This means that if you have a package that depends on KDE,
>   you will need to upload any sarge fixes to testing-proposed-updates
>   instead of to unstable.  Please remember to build and test these
>   packages against sarge, not sid!

I would ask you to reconsider this.  KDE3.3 adds for first time in an stable
release really a killer feature for production environments within
kde-pim/kontact, and that's groupware integration (for kolab, egroupware
and exchange, to certain extent).  If KDE3.3 doesn't make it into Sarge, it
will render the whole Debian's KDE environment unusable for quite a lot
people from the very begining of Sarge's life as Stable.  I for one have
been waiting (and testing) for the new kde-pim groupware integration for
months, and I feel it would be *really* sad if it doesn't make into what it
is to be new Debian Stable for next years.

> Kernels 2.4.27 and have been released, with a strong
>   committment from the debian-kernel team to make these the default for
>   sarge. 

Does solution the CD burning problem due to excesive privileges for
the cdburning group (being able to fry the firmware)?

Keep doing the good job you're doing!!!

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