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QA packages for release

For a while I've been tracking the sarge inclusion of QA-managed
packages.  Here is a status report.  Some of you are getting this
because you have done something relevant to one or more of these
packages and should stay on top of things.  But I have set the
Reply-To to debian-release.  If you reply about one or more specific
packages, you might want to add the other relevant people too at your

First, the special cases.  

According to http://bjorn.haxx.se/debian/testing.pl?package=lirc, lirc
isn't in testing because there aren't current builds on any
architecture but i386.  But according to packages.debian.org/lirc,
this is incorrect, and the latest package (-11) exists for every arch.
According to bugs.debian.org/260565 and bugs.debian.org/267323, the
problem is old outdated binary packages in the archive which need to
be deleted by ftpmaster.  In my opinion, this kind of ftpmaster work
needs to take a priority.  There are people (see those bugs)
interested in taking over lirc, but still, the package should get into
testing.  The actual problem here is that lirc builds multiple
packages; one of them, lirc-svga, is Arch: i386 only.  But the new
lirc can't get installed until the bogus non-i386 binaries for
lirc-svga get dropped from the archive.  So this is in ftpmaster-wait.

Second, the lush package is waiting on builds for arm and m68k, but
also upstream does not support ia64, and there are buildd failures
(and also bogus old binary packages).  The ia64 build needs to be
dropped from sarge so that when the arm and m68k builds complete, the
package will migrate into sarge.  See bugs.debian.org/267474.  This is
in ftpmaster-wait.

The noteedit package is waiting on four autobuilds, but also on
kdelibs, which has release critical bugs.  This is presumable the KDE
3.3 problem.  However, the new version should get in (at least one of
the 2.7.1 packages, that is).  It doesn't matter which--because the
following uploads are just maintainer changes.  But the actual 2.7.1
is important.  So I'm happy to do some work to try and get a version
in compiled against KDE 3.2, but I don't know how to go about it.

And finally, dia2code and snacc have easy-to-fix FTBFS bugs.  Ola
Lundqvist was working on dia2code last week; if he tells me he's going
to fix the latest problem then great--otherwise I'll upload a fix
tomorrow.  Likewise snacc has had recent attention, and if Sam Hocevar
tells me he's going to fix the latest problem, great--otherwise I'll
work on it tomorrow.

The following packages are waiting for builds on the specified
buildd's.  Some of these are also too young to get in, but by the time
the arm queue catches up, they probably won't be.
  bbconf: in depwait on arm and m68k, waiting on qt-x11-free
  gtktalog: arm, hppa
  raidtools: arm, hppa
  regexx: mips
  simplecdrx: arm
  trustees: arm
  wmapm: arm
  xwave: arm

The following packages are ready to go and just have to wait the right
number of days before they get into sarge, on the specified day:
  kernellab (September 3)
  macrosystem (September 3)
  masqdialer (September 6)
  opendb (September 3)
  preferences (September 4)

The following have release-critical bugs which are unlikely to be
fixed and it's ok to exclude the packages from sarge in my opinion:

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