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patch explanation

>I'm a staff of OpenI18N which is the organization to encourage i18n.
>I think you got an attached report from Stew Benedict.
>Here's a proposed patch for that issue. Could you please look at this?
>The reason why this issue occurs seems to be a confusion of variables
>for character byte length.
>You seem to prepare `dest_len' to store the byte length of the char
>string in dest_buf. I think the value of dest_len shoule be
>substituted for len after finishing operation for src_len.
>As the substitution is lacked, sed does wrong behavior when
>the byte length of src_buf differs from the length of dest_buf.
>When using multibyte characters, the difference often occurs.
>Thank you,
>Mitsuru Chinen <chinen@jp.ibm.com>

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