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Re: libtiff RC bugs filed

> > >   > One maintainer replied to my message in time stating that his
> > >   > was prepared and he was just waiting for his sponsor.
> > >   Which maintainer was this?  A sponsored MU is always better than
an NMU,
> > >   so I'd be happy to sponsor an upload if needed.
> > Nico Golde <nico@ngolde.de> for gtksee.  His message stated that the
> > package was prepared but his sponsor still had to check it He
> > the package to be uploaded this week.  If he contacts me again, I can
> > point him your way.
> [...]
> FYI I've just filed this rc-bug (#262995), because we thought gtksee
> was accidentally missed, as the current maintainer is a DD and does
> not need a sponsor and therefore does not match the profile. - Sorry.

oh shit. i have forgot to tell you that the current maintainer lenart
the maintaing to me because of his leck of time. my sponsor is michael
schiansky (ms@debian.org)
regards nico

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