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libtiff RC bugs filed

I filed 69 RC bugs: one against all but one of the packages I
mentioned in my previous message.  One maintainer replied to my
message in time stating that his upload was prepared and he was just
waiting for his sponsor.  (I can sympathize with that. ;-]) As per
prior discussion, I have posted to maintonly@bugs.debian.org.  Each RC
bug report specifically mentions the package name and version number
that appears to still depend upon libtiff.

It looks like quite a few packages depend upon libtiff indirectly
probably because of ${shlibs:Depends}.  Plenty of email has already
been exchanged about this.  As far as I can tell, such packages will
still need to be re-uploaded to force a rebuild, but they will not
need any changes at all, other than editing the changelog of course.

At this point, I think that, as a non-DD, there's not much else I can
do.  I can't really do NMUs because I can't upload.  I could prepare
NMUs, but they are so trivial that it would take as much time for any
potential sponsor to just do it on their own.  The only other slightly
tricky thing to do for each package is to make sure that, when a
package depends upon something that depends upon libtiff, that all
those dependencies are fixed first.  That's probably best left to the
individual maintainers, though I could code something that would
calculate that if necessary.

For now, I'll just switch into a monitoring mode unless someone tells
me otherwise.


Jay Berkenbilt <ejb@ql.org>

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