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please hint vegastrike into testing


One of my packages, vegastrike, is finally ready to go into testing. 
The only problem remaining is my request for ftp-master to remove the
m68k binaries from sid has not yet been completed (filed 233942 185 days
ago) and thus it appears out of date on m68k.  I pinged the report
yesterday, but after reading Jame's laptop woes on d-d I didn't want to
bother the ftpmasters further(since the bug, in and of itself, is not a
big deal).  Would it be possible to just hint vegastrike into testing
for now?

Mike Furr <mfurr@debian.org>
1024D/124B26F3 5B9F 587F BC5C D823 50CE  4DB0 ED93 CA29 124B 26F3

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