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Re: [PROPOSAL] 2.4.27 as default 2.4 kernel for sarge

On Wed, Aug 25, 2004 at 05:35:16PM -0600, dann frazier wrote:
>   Based on discussions on the debian-kernel list[1], I'd like to propose
> that we use 2.4.27 as the 2.4 kernel for all architectures with 2.4 kernels
> in sarge.  The strongest arguments for 2.4.27, as opposed to 2.4.26 were noted
> by tbm [3].

>   All 2.4 architectures have 2.4.27 kernel images built.  alpha, mips
> and s390 have 2.4.27 images already in sarge.  hppa, m68k, i386, ia64,
> and mips have images available in sid.  arm, powerpc, and sparc have images
> awaiting approval in the NEW queue.  

>   linux-kernel-di is at 2.4.26 for alpha, sparc, s390, m68k, and i386.  These
> packages will need to be updated, and will need to go through the NEW queue.
> linux-kernel-di for arm, hppa and powerpc are on 2.4.25, so will also need to
> be updated.  ia64, mips and mipsel already have 2.4.27 linux-kernel-di
> packages.

>   Various tasks are in a hold pattern until this decision is made (ensuring
> that d-i uses the proper kernel, removal of other kernel packages from
> sarge, rebuilding of some packages to fix build-dep issues[4]), so I'd
> like to uncover any problems with this proposal quickly.

Because this gives us a shot at having all architectures on the same
version for sarge (where 2.4.26 does not due to arm), I agree that this
is the way to go.

I should be able to get linux-kernel-di-alpha done and uploaded by

Sven, how far out are the 2.4.27 powerpc debs?  If these aren't
receiving enough attention because 2.6 is such a priority, I think we
need to seriously consider dropping the 2.4 kernels completely for
powerpc instead of giving them half-hearted support that will delay the

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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