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Re: [PROPOSAL] 2.4.27 as default 2.4 kernel for sarge

On Wed, Aug 25, 2004 at 05:35:16PM -0600, dann frazier wrote:
>   Based on discussions on the debian-kernel list[1], I'd like to propose
> that we use 2.4.27 as the 2.4 kernel for all architectures with 2.4 kernels
> in sarge.  The strongest arguments for 2.4.27, as opposed to 2.4.26 were noted
> by tbm [3].

On a similar note, it has been known for almost a month now that the 2.6.8
kernel packages will be the default 2.6 kernel for sarge, and it seems to
solve at least one d-i related bug (don't remember the bug number too).
Powerpc 2.6.8 kernel .udebs are already uploaded, altough the favorable NEW
processing that .udebs are under don't seem to have extended to those
packages yet.

>   All 2.4 architectures have 2.4.27 kernel images built.  alpha, mips
> and s390 have 2.4.27 images already in sarge.  hppa, m68k, i386, ia64,
> and mips have images available in sid.  arm, powerpc, and sparc have images
> awaiting approval in the NEW queue.  

There is not yet a 2.4.27 package for powerpc, as i was awaiting benh to fix
the rivafb fix that was in his tree and didn't apply cleanly to 2.4.27. I can
remove it, since i believe that most people using rivafb on powerpc could as
well use offb. Would be nice to have fixed. Will build 2.4.27 packages and
upload them tomorrow. 2.4.26 packages are already in the archive though, and
will soon be in testing even (2 days left i think). But in any case, apart
from a few oldworld cases, powerpc should really be using 2.6.8 kernels.


Sven Luther

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