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Re: libiodbc2 arm binaries are missing


On 2004-08-21 Domenico Andreoli wrote:
>   it looks that libiodbc2 arm binaries need to be uploaded. they are
> required for the qt-x11-free build to happen (qt-x11-freeis is Dep-Wait
> on arm because of this).

There was a problem: although the build logs were "maybe-successful" and I saw
no obvious error in them, someone on IRC told me that libtool/autoconf
misdetected some shared library detection setting and therefore the package
was hold back.

Sadly nobody obened a bug report for this or similar so I waited a week or so
before I got suspicious enough to ask why it's still not installed :-/
(BTW: who could I propose to file bugs in such situations?
*@buildd.debian.org? Or did I get an email but missed it?)

I uploaded version 3.51.2-5 today which has hopefully correct cdbs variables
to update libtool and rerun autoconf/automake etc before each build.



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