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Re: Processed: Re: Bug#262236: Acknowledgement (apsfilter: FTBFS: Please replace 'exim' with 'exim4' in Build-Depends)

On 04-Aug-31 15:25, Colin Watson wrote:
> Normally, build daemons have a package that provides
> mail-transport-agent already installed; ssmtp is the usual choice.
> Andreas, I suggest you configure your build daemon this way. I don't
> think this is RC for sarge.

Thank you for the clarification regarding the severity of the bug.

What would be the correct bug severity for 'Arch: all' packages which do 
not autobuild because of missing or incorrect Build-Depends? 

I filed several bug reports and patches for such problems with 
severity 'normal'. Some of those bugs were later set to 'serious' 
by others. (Fortunately, most of these bugs have been fixed already -
at least in 'sid'.)

Andreas Jochens

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