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Period before the freeze to let the buildd do their jobs

[Please CC me for the answer as I am not subscribed to the list]

Hi all !

On Sat, Aug 07, 2004 at 04:30:58PM +0100, Colin Watson wrote:
>   17 August 2004
>   ~165 RC bugs
>   Last call for low-urgency uploads
>   28 August 2004
>   100 RC bugs
>   d-i RC2 if needed
>   Freeze time!

For a few days I have noticed that the build daemons get some problems
to build all the packages. The "Need-Builds" list is increasing on
almost all architectures as it could be see on

Moreover, as a lot of people are uploading packages with urgency set to
medium, or even more, some packages get stucked at the end of the list. 
And I think it would be worst few days before the freeze. 

I personnaly have packages that are waiting for more than a month to be
built, and I am not sure they will be included in Sarge because of that.
However, I consider I have uploaded them enough before the freeze to
have the right to be in Sarge.

So I suggest to add a period before the freeze to let all the packages
to be built. During that period only packages that are only waiting to
be built can be accepted to Sarge. It may be difficult to do that,
maybe other solution will be better, but I think something have to be


PS: It's not a troll against the buildds. They are working find all the
year, we could accept that they are a little loaded before a freeze. It
does not happened so often.

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