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Re: RFC: Adding minimal amd64/biarch support for sarge

On Wed, Aug 04, 2004 at 05:42:30PM -0400, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> First, what I'm suggesting: two new packages for sarge and one modified
> package.  They would allow 64-bit applications using a small set of standard
> libraries to run on an otherwise i386 installation, and allow 64-bit
> applications to be built.

 I would love that.  I admin some bioinformatics clusters, and some
phylogenetics (tree-of-life reconstruction) programs use tree data
structures full of pointers that, with gcc-3.3, are faster in 32bit mode
than 64bit mode.  (It would really kick ass if AMD64 had a mode with the
extra registers, but 32bit pointers.  Then pointer-heavy data structures
would be faster.)  Anyway, being able to easily compile in 32 or 64bit and
benchmark would be very useful.  Also, I wouldn't have to statically link
64bit binaries that are faster in 64bit mode, and users wouldn't have to
deal with the chroot.  (not that it's much trouble with dchroot :)

 So, for me (and my ~dozen users) at least, this really would be useful.  If
you can't get it into sarge, I don't mind tracking unstable for some
packages on the cluster (it's not quite what some would call a "production"
system).  It would rock to have it in sarge :)

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