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Re: noteedit 2.7.1/sarge

Daniel Burrows <d.burrows4@verizon.net> writes:

> > Do you have a strategy for fixing the problems, or in your judgment
> > would it be better to just drop noteedit from sarge?
>   I don't think I can fix the problems myself -- they look to me like
> problems in the various buildds/archs (for instance, it looks like the s390
> buildd can't figure out how to install kdelibs4-dev).  I think that if
> noteedit gets built on all architectures in unstable, it should go into
> t-p-u automatically without too much trouble once the buildds get to it.

I'm sorry, by "strategy for fixing the problems" I meant really: will
you take the lead in tracking down issues, trying to get problems
resolved by the people who can do it, and doing the right thing, so
that I can ignore it?


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