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Re: buildd on "reconfig" is still broken

Yann Dirson wrote:
> I have got no answer, and bigloo builds still seem to all fail on
> "reconfig", while they work on apparently all other attempted buildds
> (resume, casals, hawking, r5k) [2].
> Does that buildd have a specific problem which makes it unsuitable for
> this job ?

reconfig is IIRC the smallest mips buildd, so if bigloo is a resource
hog, it may show here. :-)

> Is there a big bug in the mips port, which this package build
> repeatably triggers ?

FWIW, I tried a build and it succeeded, but with the following message
in the build log

/build/root/bigloo-2.6d+2.6e-alpha040715/build-tree/bigloo2.6e/bin/bigloo -no-hello -O2 -fsharing -unsafe -static-bigloo -ld-relative  -c bmake/bmake.scm -o bmake/bmake.o

*** WARNING:bigloo:args-parse
-I -- Option overridden:
  ((-I?dir (help Add DIR to the search path [default: .])) (if (directory? dir) (set! *search-path* (cons dir *search-path*)) (warning bmake Can't find directory --  dir)))
  ((-I ?dir) (if (directory? dir) (set! *search-path* (cons dir *search-path*)) (warning bmake Can't find directory --  dir)))

*** WARNING:bigloo:args-parse
-X -- Option overridden:
  ((-X?dir (help Prevent the source search process to enter DIR)) (set! *exclude-path* (cons dir *exclude-path*)))
  ((-X ?dir) (set! *exclude-path* (cons dir *exclude-path*)))
/build/root/bigloo-2.6d+2.6e-alpha040715/build-tree/bigloo2.6e/bin/bigloo -no-hello -O2 -fsharing -unsafe -static-bigloo -ld-relative  -c bmake/template.scm -o bmake/template.o

which is the same as on other architectures.


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