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2.3 kernel source for PPC Base install on PB2400/180 Blackhawk problems boot/root disks BootX 1.2b2 posted BootX 1.2b3 released C600 PCI NIC problems Re: debconf 0.1.71 broken Debian/PPC on an Apple Network Server 700/200? Default kernel for powerpc may change gcc 2.95.2 vs 2.91 GIMP dependencies gnuplot needs but doesn't depend on any package that provides it Home built kernel causes minor XF68_FBDev problems. How do I boot Debian GNU/Linux for PowerPC (Macintosh)? How do I create the modules.deb file that dbootstrap needs? iMac & XF86Config iMac kernel? iMac, dselect and .finderinfo? Info needed Install on MVME1604-014 Install Tips and Documentation installing Deb on Rev. A iMac? Installing Linux from scratch (PowerMac 4400) Is Netscape Navigator available for PowerPC? Kernel 2.2.13 (and earlier) and ethernet interrupt handler Kernel Compilation on iMac-D Kernel fails to boot.. latest screen doesn't work with mklinux MD5 sum failures Misc. USB adventures missing sawmill sawmill-client sawmill-ui binary files (PowerPC only?) More on the Apple Network Server mpegtv and bincompat MVME 2303 install Need your input for keymap configuration New kernel posted, new yaboot Re: Newbie Debian Questions pmac-fdisk required? PowerBook G3 PowerMac 7300/200 Re: PowerMac kernels with GCC 2.95.1 PPC PPP problems compiling kernel, ... qt2 dependencies broken root1440.bin is also broken! Wrong directory name and file modules.deb is missing rs/6000 3bt RS232 & COM1 RS6K RS6K PReP boot? Self-built packages ssh not compiled against pam Strange MOL problem. TERM & font in GNOME terminal Unidentified subject! USB PC card support Vodoo 2/3 (& other video questions) w3m segfaults on powerpc what about potato boot-floppies for powerpc/apus ? Where is the mouse? Which installation files are needed by dbootstrap? Wrong filesystem for resc1440.bin X x86'er needs help with an rs/6000 The last update was on 13:46 GMT Sat May 11. There are 264 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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