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Re: RS6K PReP boot?

On Sun, 21 Nov 1999, Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:

> On Sat, 20 Nov 1999, Gerald Turner wrote:
> > I have been able to get the Linux kernel to boot using the method
> > described at Yellow Dog Linux ("OF> boot floppy:,\ZIMAGE"), though it
> > hangs after "copying OF device tree...done" in prom_init.  I suppose this
> > is normal considering the images that get this far are compiled for CHRP
> > and the F40 appears to be a PReP machine: 
> > 
> > [Output from Open Firmware session]
> > 0 > pwd / ok
> > 0 > .properties 
> > name                    IBM,7025-F40
> > model                   IBM,7025-F40
> > compatible              IBM,7025-F40
> > clock-frequency         03f940aa 
> > device_type             prep
> Don't worry. My CHRP LongTrail has `prep' in `compatible' as well.

I am getting really confused about whether this machine is CHRP or PReP. 
So far I've seen PReP mentioned in the Open Firmware twice (/ device_type
above and a node under /packages) but no CHRP.  The redbook on IBM's site
titled "RS/6000 Models E30, F40, F50, and H50 Handbook" states "The
RS/6000 Model E30 and RS/6000 Model F40 are not CHRP compliant, but
contain several of the design points that are discussed in this section.",
and since CHRP is a superset of PReP I gather this machine is PReP though
I havn't seen anything explicitly stating so.

I have a feeling the only reason I've been able to get the kernel to
run off a floppy for CHRP images and not PReP images is because the CHRP
images I've tried are ELF executables and according to the output of
file(1) the PReP images I've tried are "x86 boot sector".  I figure this
is because the PReP images have gone through the kernel utility mkprep.
I'd really like to get my hands on a PReP image that has the ELF header

> I think you now have to compile your own kernel and add some prom_init() calls
> to the code after `copying OF device tree...done' to find out where it hangs
> exactly.

You mean add some prom_print() calls to prom_init() right?  I need to
learn how to cross-compile a kernel from x86 - is this possible? is
support already in Debian? 

Gerald Turner

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