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iMac, dselect and .finderinfo?

Hi again,

Well, I'm working my way through installing debian onto my iMac with
dselect and I've hit a snag. I've copied/mount the directories from
ftp.debian.org...main/binary-powerpc/ to an hfs drive on my computer.
Installation seems to be going fine except that when dselect reaches the
end of a directory it starts searching through .finderinfo and (of course)
starts logging a lot of errors and then quits.

I tried to rm and rmdir .finderinfo but it won't go away. To be honest, I
don't think it would be a good idea if it *did* go away. What I need is a
way to keep dselect from accessing .finderinfo -- does anyone have any


Nathan Olsen

"It is our nature to put all knowledge into context in order to tell
a story, and to re-create the world by this means."

                     --Edward O. Wilson, _Consilience_

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