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Re: Vodoo 2/3 (& other video questions)

On Sat, 27 Nov 1999, Michel [iso-8859-1] Dδnzer wrote:

> Kostas Gewrgiou wrote:
> > I am not sure about the status of the nv/glint driver but the matrox one has
> > some endian problems i started working on it a few days ago and i hope i'll
> > have it finished this week.
> There are endian problems in the glint driver (and maybe even in the general
> code) as well :(
> Maybe your work on mga could also help for glint?

 Nope i am afraid it wont help at all the changes i've done so far are mga
specific, mostly setting up the registers in the matrox to do the the endian
conversions. My problem right now is the CPUToScreenColorExpandFill related
functions that don't work right maybe the problem is in a higher level i didn't
had enough time to track it down though :(

I got a voodoo card last night so i'll be looking at it too :)

  Kostas Gewrgiou

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