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Re: what about potato boot-floppies for powerpc/apus ?

> potato will be freezing soon, or at least so they say, so it is time to add
> some kind of install stuff for apus also.

A little bit late, ehhh?  I asked serveral times for this, but without any
help this port is for the next release. 

> What about the kernel ? There are two problems with it :
>  * Once install is complete, you install a new kernel from a kernel-package.
>    This kernel has to go on a affs partition, so it would be best to have the
>    install stuff create a boot/affs mount point, and install the kernel there.
>  * The last stable apus kernel is based on the 2.2.10 m68k kernel. There is a
>    kernel-patch-m68k_2.2.10-4.deb package for it. on top of that we need to
>    apply the following patch :
>     -> 37563 Aug 21 17:08 linux-2.2.10-m68k-990821.diff.gz
>    do i have to make a new kernel-patch for it including the m68k kernel
>    patch, or is it ok to do a kernel-patch-apus-after-m68k or something
>    similar ?

This is to late. I personally (my opinion!) do not allow this new subarch to be
included. This will break to much. This is work for the next release (also 
hopefully with mbx support). 



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