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Re: iMac & XF86Config

Hartmut wrote:
>Ahh, you're a good test candidate, please save your current
>and try the shellscript in the attachment. Please report any problems. It is
>only for a basic setup. Sorry, more will come with the next version.

Thanks. I gzipped the file, placed it in /usr/sbin/, and then ran it. I
answered "yes" to all three of the questions it asked. After running the
script, I tried X again and this was the error message I received this time:

(**) XKB: disabled
(**) Mouse: type: BusMouse, device: /dev/mouse, buttons: 3
(**) FBDEV: Graphics device ID: "Linux/m68k Frame Buffer Device"
(**) FBDEV: Monitor ID: "Generic Monitor"
(**) FBDEV: FontPath blah... don't feel like typing it!
(**) FBDEV: Using default frame buffer video mode
(--) FBDEV: Frame buffer device: OFfb ATY, RageII
(--) FBDEV: Video memory: 1875K @ 0x81800480
(--) FBDEV: MMIO regs: 0K @ (nil)
(--) FBDEV: Type 0 type_aux 0 bits_per_pixel 32
(--) FBDEV: Hardware accelerator: None
(--) FBDEV: No driver support for hardware acceleration
bpp = 32, depth = 32, BitsPerRGB = 8
(--) FBDEV: Using cfb32 driver

Fatal server error:
Caught signal 11. Server aborting

By the way, in case I should have to do this again, is there anyway to get
this info out of a log file or something? I wrote out/retyped this info

Thanks again for your help.

Nathan Olsen

"It is our nature to put all knowledge into context in order to tell
a story, and to re-create the world by this means."

                     --Edward O. Wilson, _Consilience_

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